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Nice Rack


A rather large buck was in our backyard this evening. He decided that our newly exposed dirt area was a perfect spot on which to relax.

Nice Rack

Here’s a close up. His rack is a thing of beauty.


Dr Seuss and Guest


This is our brugmansia, Dr Seuss, which we planted last year. He’s come into full bloom and the flowers are very nice.


We just added two more Brugmansias, and they go by the name ‘Miami Orange’. So in honor of Miami Vice, we’ve named them Crockett and Tubbs. Here’s a picture of Dr. Suess with Crockett in the background.


Comet Holmes


I took a picture of Comet Holmes last night. It’s kind of fuzzy, but it’s pretty cool that the comet is visible with the naked eye after its huge expansion.

Dr Seuss


We found a really cool plant for our yard. We had seen a few of them around the neighborhood and couldn’t figure out what it was. We went to the local nursery and asked, and they said it was a Brugmansia, and they have really large hanging flowers. We ended up getting a “Dr. Seuss” and it’s looking very nice indeed.


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