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Devil Mountain Double 2010


The Good—My legs felt pretty good and I finished with practically the same time as I had in 2005, the Quack Cyclists put on another great ride, and the weather was absolutely perfect.

The Bad—Alto the goat was no longer manning Pet the Goat, and a fellow DMD rider collapsed and died while climbing the backside of Mt. Hamilton.

The Ugly—I crashed on Morgan Territory, but was not hurt. I wore some of the course on my jersey while riding the rest of the course.

Mulholland Double 2010


Mulholland Double: Well, I finished the thing

Summary I didn’t have great legs for this ride, had to repair a bent chain, and had a nice bonk at the end. I give details below. Maybe not epic by some standards, but given my previous attempt at this ride, it seems about par for the course.

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