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Fewer Cans of Jyoti


As you may recall from a previous post, I measured the weight of our cat, Jyoti, and compared it to a can of Indian food, named, appropriately, Jyoti. Since that disgraceful admission of the sheer overweightness of our fat feline, Jyoti has been put on a strict diet. (Not a diet of Jyoti-branded foods, for sure.) Since then he’s lost quite a bit of weight, requiring an update of the picture that shows his equivalent weight in cans of Jyoti. Compare this picture,


with the picture of his previous weight.

Quite an improvement. I’ll actually have to take a current picture of him and do a real comparison of Jyoti the cat, rather than of Jyoti the cans.

Kim Bear

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We caught Kim snuggled up to the teddy bear we keep on our bed. This is ultra cute. See more of the kitties here.


Like my Mulholland ride report, Tina has procrastinated writing up her experiences during her recent Davis Double Century. However, it’s finally done and I’ve posted it below the fold.

It’s been almost two months since my Mulholland adventure. I wrote a report a little bit afterward, and have been sitting on it since then. I looked it over and here it is in all its glory, after the fold.

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