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Dr Seuss


We found a really cool plant for our yard. We had seen a few of them around the neighborhood and couldn’t figure out what it was. We went to the local nursery and asked, and they said it was a Brugmansia, and they have really large hanging flowers. We ended up getting a “Dr. Seuss” and it’s looking very nice indeed.

Jyoti Cans

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Our cat, Jyoti, has two unique features. His name, which means “divine light” in Hindi, and his size. To say Jyoti (aka Jo) is fat is an understatement as you can see from his picture below.

The name Jyoti is common in India, and is also the name of a line of Indian foods. Tina was shopping at the store recently and found a can of “Jyoti”.

I was curious to see how many cans would make up the equivalent weight of our chubby feline, and weighed the can and did some basic math. Well, it would take 30 cans of Jyoti to make, well, one Jyoti. That’s a lot of Jyoti to say the least, and to further illustrate the point, you can see both in the picture below.

New Pictures


Two new galleries are now available for your viewing pleasure:

Death Ride 2007: Tina and Mike do the Death Ride in Markleeville, July 14, 2007

Twin’s Third Birthday: The twins’ third birthday, where we gave them bikes for their birthday. FUN!


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