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Western Wheelers Mt. Hamilton Ride


The Western Wheelers did their usual September bike ride up Mt. Hamilton and down the backside. This year we went all the way to the Junction Cafe for lunch. Apart from a yellowjacket that decided to snack on my leg, the ride was a lot of fun. What more fun could be had riding up above the fog with a group of friends. See here for pictures.

Eddy Merckx


Eddy Merckx was in Marin County to do a charity bike ride. Tina went to ride with him and take pictures. (See here for pictures.) She didn’t get to see much of him on the ride though, because the “no drop” policy for the ride didn’t last too long, according to this article. Still she enjoyed seeing Eddy, and it’s not often that one gets to see and ride with a living cycling legend.


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