Devil Mountain Double Results


The Devil Mountain Double results have been posted here. When I finished at 7:30, I was about the 16th cyclist who had arrived. However, there were about 9 or so cyclists from the 6:00 am start who arrived after me, but still had a lower cumlative time. So I ended up in 26th place overall, out of 126 finishers and about 150 starters. There were more people riding this year than last, and I would have finished 14th last year if I had the same time. However, I'm pretty happy with my effort and the results of my first double century. To finish while there was still daylight was more than I expected, so that was the real victory for me.

Tina and I have the Strawberry Fields Forever ride on Sunday. We're worried about the weather a little for this one, as the long range forecast is for possible rain, although it's probably more likely that it will be dry. We're hoping for a good day for Tina's first century of the year. She's ready for it, and it's a great ride, with excellent support, so we'll be very happy if the weather cooperates.


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