Buy my cat


Tried to sell Jyoti today, but it looks like we wouldn’t get much for him. Figured as much, but it didn’t hurt to try. has valued my cat at £5.67 has valued my cat at £5.67.

Cold Morning, Warm Momma



Missy Momma has a nice warm bed to keep her warm on these cold mornings. She’s quite happy with this arrangement, which is a far cry from her former life spent outside.

More pictures of momma, and the other cats, are here.

The 508


The 508 starts tomorrow. I am riding as Northern Shoveler There are updates on the 508 here

508 updates

And real-time GPS updates here

GPS updates

The weather looks decent so it should be a fun ride.

The 508 Roster


Looks like the Furnace Creek 508 Roster is shaping up, and my name appears to be on it. I will do my best to honor the race. Less than 6 months to go… I’m already excited.


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